The Classic Note

Here are some simple flat printed, flat note cards. This is a very classic design that is good for those men out there that enjoy writing the personalized notes every now and then. They are also good for children. It is never too early to teach your child the importance of a handwritten thank you note. You can personalize this note also with your family name so everyone in the family can use them. Also, there are limitless possibilities (well almost) for what font you choose to also show your own personality. Also, the four colors shown below (chocolate, charcoal, blue and black) are not the only colors available. We can also customize the color to match your personality.

The notes are on white paper and come with white envelopes. The prices for the flat printed notes are $18.00 for sets of 15 and additional notes can be ordered in incriminates of 10 for $12.00.

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