Christmas Home Show Preview

A listing of some of the arrangements and decorations that will be available at the Home Show.

If you are not going to be able to make the show, you can email me if one of these items would be perfect in your home!

Also, don't forget to think about your stationery needs. Check back through older posts for now to see what will be available at the show. Or you can use the stationery link on the right hand side!


Small Fall Spray $11.00
(large sprays will be available at the show)

Large Pumpkin Arrangement $43.00


Kissing Balls $12.00 each or 2 for $20.00
(bowl is for showing only)

Small Coffee Table Arrangement $42.00


Christmas Arrangement in Urn $40.00

Christmas Arrangement in Glass Vase with Beads $35.00

Christmas Arrangement in Pot $35.00

Large Christmas Arrangement $75.00

Hanging Deer with Bow $90.00

Boxwood Arrangement in Urn $45.00
Christmas Tea Towels $8.00
(they also come in green)

Stay tuned, I will be posting more preview items between now and the show as they become available.

Other items that will be available at the Home Show are Christmas Bows and an assortment of Christmas ornaments.

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