Fun Fridays

So it is hard for me to believe that it is Friday all over again! I have not had much to post this week because of getting a new printer and to be completely honest... it is still in the box. Therefore, I have some designs but nothing has been printed.

Since I have not been getting much response from my Fun Fridays and nobody has any questions for me I am going to do it a little different today! I am going to ask you some questions.... and these are not for the sake of my health... I need your feedback.

So I am thinking about a new adventure for Fostering Creativity. For those newbies out there who may not know me I LOVE Christmas and Christmas decorations. I am going to create some Christmas arrangements and ideas on how you can spruce up your Christmas and winter decorations. After these ideas have become reality I am going to host a home show! Where everything I have will be available for purchase and orders will be taken. So... how many of you would be interested in coming to the very first home show for Fostering Creativity?

In addition to the "in vivo" home show I of course will be posting everything on here for purchase!

I need your feedback....


AveryGraceRay said...

I'll come to your party.

Jeanette said...

Given enough notice, I should be able to come. Sunday afternoons would still be better for me, though. Good luck and I think it's a great idea!