Fun Fridays (even though it is Sunday)

So after two weeks I am back to my fun Fridays! I did have this almost ready on Friday to post but things were really busy around here. So here is your Fun Friday, Sunday afternoon!

One question I seem to get often is... "When should I send out my invitations?"

So here is my thought on this subject. And after consulting with a few other stationary websites out there it seems to be the consensus.

It greatly varies on the type of invitation or card that you are sending for what the "rules" are. But then again, you have to remember, these are just suggestions. With all that is said and done I think it boils down to when do you want to send them and when do you have the time. I guess there is technically no right or wrong answer, just ones that are typically considered more proper.

Wedding Invitations

For wedding invitations you should typically send the invites 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding. Additional time is appreciated by those who are attending destination weddings or weddings in a city in which having reservations far in advance is necessary. Keep in mind were your guests are traveling from and make sure that there is enough time for lodging arrangements to be made.

Informal Invitations

This would be the category that most parties or gatherings would fall into. Typical time for this would be 2-3 weeks. Where for a small dinner gathering 2 weeks should be plenty. Also, keep in mind the time of year. If you are planning a Christmas gathering on a Saturday in December you might want to err on the side of caution and send 3-4 weeks so your guest will not make other plans. But keep in mind, during the holidays you don't want to overwhelm your guests with too much or send the invitations too far in advance for fear of them unintentionally forgetting about the gathering.

Birth Announcements

Ideally these should be sent out immediately following the birth of a new baby. You are probably laughing right now wondering how in the world this can happen but it can, just plan ahead. In those last couple of months of pregnancy think about who you would want to welcome your new little bundle. Most places (myself included) will send you the envelopes ahead of time so that the tedious task of addressing them can happen at your leisure prior to a new baby's arrival. Additionally, you can have your announcement pre-made where you would add in the date, weight and length or you could have them "on call" from your designer. Where they will complete the last minute information when you call from the hospital. If this is something you are interested in let me know and we will be able to work together to impress all your friends and family by having a baby announcement in their mailbox within a week of your new baby's arrival!

Wedding Announcements

These should be sent out following the ceremony. Have them ready and addressed for one of your attendants put them in the mail for you the following day. This, however, is something that is not often seen much anymore. Most people tend to just put an announcement in the wedding section of the local newspaper.

Christmas Cards

The earlier the better on this one. The first Christmas cards received in the mail are often the ones that make the biggest impression! My personal goal each Christmas is to be the first Christmas card received! I always look forward to who sends the first card.

Thank You Notes

Again the sooner the better. My personal method on this one is to write the notes the same day as I receive the gift. I am more likely to forget about it unintentionally if I wait much longer! Another method I have tried in the past is to write the thank you note before I use the gift. Also, be personal in the notes. A nice handwritten note on stationary is always appreciated. It doesn't have to say much but the acknowledgment is all that is needed.

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