Fun Fridays

I am going to start something new for each Friday (hopefully posting earlier in the day than this). You will find different quick tips, etiquette rules and other random thoughts for hosting and attending parties or events! Also, I am welcome to any questions that you would like answered. You can leave questions in the comments section or you can email me. I will then answer them the next week.

So for the first Fun Friday I am going to give you a quick tip!

You know that nasty taste and numbing of your tongue that you get after licking envelope after envelope for any mass mailings... wedding invitations, Christmas cards, party invitations, insert your next event here.

Well you can save yourself the nasty taste by having a glue stick handy. Rather than licking each envelope you can just run the glue stick along the glue portion of the flap, seal and call it a day! I find this much easier and MUCH faster than the paper towel and bowl of water trick.

And if you don't know that one (and of course if you don't have a glue stick handy) ~ get a bowl of water and some paper towels or a sponge and use them rather than your tongue! This saves the nasty taste but I warn you. If you are not careful you can get the envelope too wet (or not wet enough to seal) as well as cause your ink from the address to bleed.

So you pick your method. Let me know what you think works best for you!

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