Prices for Christmas Bows....

For a garland/wreath bow you will need between 3-5 yards (depending on the size you want) and this includes the tails.

For a tree-topper bow you will need about 15 yards for 1 inch ribbon and 10 yards for widder ribbon, unless you want a much fuller bow. If you want the long strands you will need to figure out how long you want them and how many (usually 3 or 5) and then add that yardage to the total amount needed for the bow (does not count towards the cost of the bow).

I will charge $1.50 a yard to make the bow with the ribbon you purchase and provide I will have the needed wire. (The yardage for the long strands does not need to be figured into this price).

Average Prices:
Garland/Wreath: $4.50-7.50
Tree Topper (1 inch ribbon): $22.50
Tree Topper (widder ribbon): $15.00

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